Manitoba Society of Artists

Manitoba Society of Artists



 MSA120Years 1902 - 2022 present day  


The Manitoba Society of Artists was established in 1902 to recognize the merits of Manitoba’s outstanding artists, to promote and encourage visual artists in Manitoba. Through out its history the Society…Throughout its history the Society has depended largely upon the volunteer efforts of its membership.   Its membership was originally comprised of “painters, sculptors, architects, artistic engravers, draughtsmen and designers”, residing in Manitoba or temporarily residing elsewhere, and membership was determined by a selection committee which judged submitted work of prospective members.

Although the specifics of membership have changed over the years, members have always been chosen by a jury and needed to be practising Manitoban artists. Some notable past members of the Society have included L.L. Fitzgerald, Eric Bergman, Leo Mol, Alex J. Musgrove, Clarence Tellenius, Walter J. Phillips, Lynn Sissons, Kelly Clark, Caroline Dukes, Tony Tascona and Robert Bruce.  Barbara Cook-Endres, who joined the club in 1948, was its longtime secretary until her retirement in 2008.

Today, the purpose of the Society is to promote and encourage Manitoba’s emerging and professional visual artists. Members of the Society exhibit together, enjoy social events and participate in educational ventures, such as lectures, conferences, art talks and workshops. However, the important event of each MSA year is the Provincial Annual Open Juried Competition and Exhibition, which allows both emerging and professional Manitoba artists an equal opportunity to participate in a major exhibition.

Currently MSA  retains an active membership of 100 artists from diverse backgrounds and training.  New art forms consistently present themselves to the pool of artistic discussion.

The art world has greatly evolved during the past century, and MSA has had to reinvent itself several times.  Since the 1950’s there are enduring challenges of  competition for both monetary support and exhibition space with other arts groups.  The evolution of media such as photography and digital art have contributed to the discourse of membership in the society.

The development of northern/prairie art and artists, the fostering of an artistic milieu, the promotion of the value of art to the community, all these are vital concerns that help MSA to cultivate an atmosphere in which art continues to be created and shared.  In this manner we hope to perpetuate a visual voice that reaches long into the future.


The Early Years

After going through several periods of organisational change a new Manitoba Society of Artists emerged in 1925 with an executive consisting of Alex J. Musgrove as secretary and Walter J. Phillips as president. In 1926 the first annual exhibition was held in the Richardson Brothers Gallery on Main Street in Winnipeg. Since then, except for a few years, the society has sponsored an annual open juried exhibition in various locations including at the Eaton’s and Hudson’s Bay Company stores, the Pool of the Black Star Gallery at the Manitoba Legislative Building, the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Warehouse Artworks Gallery, the Winnipeg Civic Auditorium, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  Other programs have included annual juried exhibitions, lectures, art history conferences and other member events.


60 Years 1992

In 1992 the Manitoba Society of Artists hosted their 60th Anniversary Juried exhibition. This celebration was held at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. In 2002 the MSA celebrated its 100th anniversary with an exhibition of work by current members, a commemorative banquet and an art history conference with a focus on Manitoba art. Also, in conjunction, the Winnipeg Art Gallery hosted an exhibition of historical work by MSA members, acknowledging the major contribution of the MSA in the arts community and in the formation of the WAG.


110 Years 2012

2012 was the year of MSA’s 110th anniversary and the Centenary of the WAG.  In recognition of its intertwined roots and history with the WAG, MSA’s 80th open juried exhibit was hosted at the WAG in April of that year.  MSA’ s anniversary celebrations continued with this MSA110 members show in July that is was panorama of the works of 50 member artists.  MSA110 Years fittingly highlighted a retrospect as well as a futuristic approach to our art.

The MSA 110th anniversary celebrations concluded with a public Art History Conference at the WAG.  The theme, “minds Eye: making art work” explored the illusions spanning cultures and time that lead to artistic truth”.


120 Years 2022 

During the recent 2 years of pandemic, MSA has pivoted to online events, both for art talks, meetings, competitions and exhibits.  The 88th in 2020 and 89th in 2021 Juried Shows were exclusively digital, including its traditional Juror Lecture Evening and Award Recognition Presentations.   

Returning now to a physical show format, MSA presents Chrysalis:MSA120, comprised of 16 MSA members showing at Gallery in the Park at Altona during September 2021. 


Dates of their affiliation with the MSA    
Ablett, John     1961
Guest, Marie     1929 Partridge, Susan     1964
Adamson, Arthur H.     1963 Halls, Charlotte B.     1979 Paterson, George     1939
Adamson Hart, Joyce     1959 Hamil, Doris Vivian     1951 Pederson, Paul     1954
Alderson, James     1995 Hamilton, Susan     Unknown Pelletier, Helene     1982
Alexander, Louise     1927 Hand, Vera  Unkonwn Penner, Patricia    2011
Allward, John Raphael     1902    Founding Member Hansen, Kirsten  Unknown Percy, Ethel     1981
Armington, Frank M.     Unknown Harland, Joan     1946 Phillips, W. J. See Phillips, Walter J.     1926
Ashmore, Cyril     1927 Harris, Julie     2002 Phillips, Walter J.
Asper, Titania     1980 Harvich, Leona. See Harvich, Leona Pearl     1981 Piniuta, Marion     1981
Atkins, Caven     1934 Harvich, Leona Pearl     1981 Plaskett, Joe. See Plaskett, Joseph     1948
Barker,  Ed     1964 Hastie, Kathleen  Unknown Plaskett, Joseph
Barnard, Julia     1945 Hatcher, John J.     1954 Pollock, Bob. See Pollock, Robert G.     1982
Barnes, Muriel     1941 Haugh, Valerie     1966 Pollock, Robert G.
Bateman, Dorcas     1983 Hayes, Glenn. See Hayes, Glenn Currie    1999 Popeski, Jessie-Liss     1953
Baumbick, Allan C.     1982 Hayes, Glenn Currie     1999 Pura, Bill. See Pura, William P.     1970
Beech, Arthur     1925 Henderson, James     1929 Pura, William P.
Bennett, M. F.     1950 Heath, Pamela  Unknown Purdy, Lorena     1958
Berger, Cynthia     Unknown Higbee, Gertrude     1969 Purdy, Pat  Unknown
Berger, ElfriedeUnknown Hildebrandt, Richard H.     Unknown Pyevich, Caroline. See Pyevich, Caroline Marie     2002
Berger, Rita     Unknown Holmes, Betty     1960 Pyevich, Caroline Marie
Bergman, H. Eric     1949 Hoogstraten, Neil     1959 Quilliams, David     1975
Bergman, Margaret     1966 Hoogstraten-Campbell, Janis     1963 Ransom, E.      Unknown
Berrisford, Muriel. See Barnes, Muriel Hooker, Inez     Unknown Raybould, Eileen     1975
Berry, Alice     1990 Hooker, Marion. See Hooker, Marion Nelson     Unknown Reichert, Don. See Reichert, Donald     1958
Bjelajac, Nikola     1960 Hooker, Marion Nelson Reichert, Donald
Blanchard, Margaret     1958 Horsfall, Arthur     1973 Repa, Steve    1960
Bole, Janet     1963 Howorth, Edward T.    1929 Replanski, Alberto     1992
Bone, Jerrold R.     Unknown Huebert, V.     1936 Richards, Cecil     Unknown
Boning, Jan     1969 Hunt, J. Doris. See Hunt, Jessie Doris     1951 Richardson, Herbert     1936
Booth, Dolores     1964 Hunt, Jessie Doris Riller, Audrey Ann     1963
Borgford Russell, V. Lara     1939 Hunter, Albert P.     1929 Ristau, Eugene     1967
Botterill, Edith Evelyn Benson     1967 Hutchison, Gertrude     1938 Rogge Rehders, Helma
Bouchard Langlois, Adrienne     2000 Hyslop, Brian     1996 RogueRaiders, H. See Rogge Rehders, Helma     1994
Boulton, Dacre     1939 Irvine,  Margarete. See Lochner, Margarete Roper, Maurice     1946
Boutal, Pauline     1936 Jelly, Fay L.     1988 Rosebourne, Edith     1965
Brancewicz, Jan Josef     1970 Johnson, Karen L.     1991 Ross, Arnold     Unknown
Brandtner, Friedrich     1932 Johnson, Maureen   1998 Rothwell, Bette     Unknown
Braun, Pauline A.     1988 Johnston, Mr.     1942 Russell, John     1944
Bready, (Mrs.)     1928 Jones, F. Lloyd     Unknown Rutledge, Phyllis D.     1980
Brett, Newton     Unknown Kempffer, Anna     1981 Saether, Bjorn     Unknown
Brigden, Frederick H.     1937 Kendrine, ?     1928 Saults, Hazel     1955
Brolund, Douglas     1982 Kirkland, Donald     1945 Schaeflin, J. E.     Unkown
Brown, Charolette Ann     1981 Klassen, Jacob F.     1947 Schmid, Deb     2000
Brown, Leona F.     1989 Klemrning, Maj-Lis     1954 Schumacher, Henry     1985
Bruce, Robert     1943 Koensgen, Joseph  Unknown Sehn, Claudette     1989
Bull, Ann     2002 Kohuska, Helen, See Gomez-Perales, Helen Settee, Nora     1984
Burke, Ronald     1963 Kowal, Roman     Unknown Shaw, Richard Thurston     1959
Bums, Jo Anne     1960 Kowalchuk, Anne. See Johnson, Anne Shoup, William    2016
Burrows, A.      Unknown Kreyes, Marie Louise     1961 Shier, Richard     2000
Burrows, Teresa     2000 Kiutish, Charlene. See Vanderhorst, Charlene Silverman, Manny. See Silverman, Manuel J.     1994
Burt, Lynda Lorraine     Unknown Kuluk, Claudette. See Sehn, Claudette Silverman, Manuel J.
Buytendorp, George A.     1972 Kwiatkowski, Marion     Unknown Simoens, Leo     Unknown
Calleja, Gina     1961 Lam, Samuel. See Lam, Samuel Kwok-Yuen     2001 Sissons, Lynn     1929
Calleja, Joseph     1960 Lam, Samuel Kwok-Yuen Skafel, Ena     1965
Campbell, Marlene     1990 Lampe, Walter J.     1969 Smith, Donald A.     1937
Cameron, Claire    2014 Lang, Bylee Fay. See Lang de Marin, Bylee Fay     1939 Smith, Gordon A.     1940
Canelle, Barbara     1966 Lang de Marin, Bylee Fay Smith, Tom  Unknown
Carleton, Edith     1950 Larsen, Chris     2002 Smith, Thomas Sutton     1999
Carter, Edith     1942 Lawler, Elizabeth     1994 Smolleck, Kristine. See Smolleck, Kristine Fredrikson     1936
Chaicken, William     1946 Leathers, Audr·ey. See Riller, Audrey Ann Smolleck, Kristine Fredrikson
Chiarella, Anthony     1997 Leathers, Winston     1959 Sokolski, Ron     1986
Chivers, Denise     1952 Lee, Kam-Wing     1996 Stauvers, Olga     1986
Chivers, Ernest     1952 LeGris, Ruth     1966 Stead, Hay Stafford     1902
Chody, Bill     Unknown LeMay, Helene     Unknown Stech, Stan      1969
Chodyniecki, Bill. See Chody, Bill     Unknown LeMay, Marcien     1966 Stefanzio, Don     Unknown
Clark, Eleanore  1975 Lewkowich, George     1979 Steinhauer, Albert     1987
Clark, Kelly     1958 Lindsay, Ronald W.     1993 Stewart, Gimith     1957
Clement, Gerry     Unknown Lochner, Margarete     1983 Stewart, J. H.     Unknown
Clendening, Cordelia Ann Marion     1951 Logan, ?    Unknown Stone, Bryan    2011
Chodkiewicz, Ruth  Unknown Long, Kathy     Unknown Stoughton, Arthur A.     Unknown
Corrin, Joseph     1952 Lourenzo, Rodger    1998 Strange, Donald     Unknown
Coy, Helen     1964 Lowe, Annette  Unkown Stubbs, Eva     Unknown
Crawford, Mrs. A.     1929 Maartense, Gertrude J.     1964 Sullivan, ?     1962
Crawley, Louise  See Wilmont, Louise MacGregor, James G.     1947 Suprovich, Alex     1998
Cringan, Ellen Barbara     1975 MacVicar, ElizabethM.     Unknown Sures, Jack     Unknown
Cunningham, ? Unknown Madill, Robert     1980 Sutherland, Alexander S.     Unknown
Dalby, Robert Unknown Maltrnan, William    Unknown Swiderek, Roman     1982
de Grandmaison, Nicholas. See Grandmaison, Nicholas de Marchant, Harold     1942 Swinton, George     Unknwon
Derkson, Darlene   2006 Marcheschi, H.     1941 Switala, Margaret     1996
DeWilden, Stuart     1956 Markell, Jack     1944 Sylvester, Gaetanne Simonne     1986
Dewson, Joan     1980 Martin, Kenneth F.     1950 Szakacs, Karen. See Szakacs, Karen Patricia    2000
Diamond, Samuel     1945 Martin, William     Unknown Szakacs, Karen Patricia
Dimock, Betty. See Dimock, Elizabeth     1965 Mascewski, Lorna    Unknown Tarsia, Ewa     Unknown
Dimock, Elizabeth     1965 Mascewski, Mrs. D. See Mascewski, Lorna Tascona, Tony     1962
Domey, Marjorie     1966 Mathers, Jane     Unknown Taylor, AngeIe. See Taylor, Angele Marguerite     1981
Donnelly, Kathleen. See Donnelly, K. Coburn     1966 Mathews, Jean  Unknown Taylor, Angele Marguerite
Donnely, K. Coburn     1966 McCloy, William A.     Unknown Taylor, Glady M.    Unknown
Dorey, Joyce     1963 McIntosh, Harold     1938 Taylor, Marguerite     Unknown
Dowler, Richard L.     1957 McLean, Tom W.   1925 Taylor, Mrs. Hilliard. See Taylor, Marguerite
DuBois, Ronald     1956 McPherson, H.     1956 Tesloveanu, John     1986
Dukes, Caroline     Unknown Melnicer, Sharon  Unknown Tettero, Margaret     1967
Dutcheson, A. S.     1961 Melnyk, Evelyn. See Melnyk, Evelyn Mudry     Unknown Tillenius, Clarence     1943
Dzwonyk, Lillian     2000 Melnyk, Evelyn Mudry Timmers, Freida     1962
Edgar, Percy J.      1929 Mercer, James     1934 Tottle, Doug     1969
Elias, Anna     2001 Mikuska, Frank     1960 Tough, Lawrence B.     1938
Eliasson, Gissur     1958 Mills, John 2015 Towers, Matthew C.     1928
Endres, Barbara Cook, 1948 Miller, Jordan    2014 Tucker, H. M.     Unknown
Entz, Annemarie     1980 Miller, Shelagh Underhill, Ernest H.    1954
Epp, Frieda, 2007 Milne, Marlene van Lilian, Walleghem 1995
Esler, John K.     1962 Mol, Leo    1949 van Slyck, Winnifred     1953
Evans, Howard J.     1929 Molodoshanin, Leonid. See Mol, Leo van Slyck, Wyn. See van Slyck, Winnifred
Eyden, Jean     1943 Morley, E.     1962 Vanderhorst, Charlene    1989
Fanshaw, Hubert Valentine     Unknown Morris, William     1942 Verill, ?     1928
Fijal, Roy     Unknown Morrison, Mary     1963 Vlahos, Peggy     Unknown
Fischer, George    1956 Morton, Douglas     1951 Walters, Emile     1928
Fisher, Linda Mott, Edna. See Mott, Laura Edna     1929 Watson, Vernon L.    1982
FitzGerald, L. L.. See FitzGerald, Lionel Lemoine     1920 Mott, Laura Edna Waugh, Mrs.  C.     Unknown
FitzGerald, Lionel Lemoine     1920 Munroe, Wallace     1945 Wengel, Peter     1965
Florentino, Ralph     1948 Musgrove, Alex J.     1926 Wheeler, Pat    1982
Folkerts, Gerald     1988 Nelson, Barrie T.     Unknown White, Betty     1958
Friesen, Victor      1936 Nemetchek, Becky     1998 Wilcox, Georgie     1943
Fritsch, Eva     1994 Nesbitt, Peggy      1979 Willer, James     1954
Gaudes, John     1979 Neuendorff, Willielm     1957 Wilmot, Louise     1979
Gebhardt, C. Keith     1928 Neuendorff, Willy. See Neuendorff, Willielm Wilson, Ernest George     1964
Gebhardt, Keith. See Gebhardt, C. Keith     1928 Neufeld, Elma     1989 Winter, William A.     1931
Geller, Manly     1958 Newton, Alison     1929 Wolinsky, Eva     1957
George, Nellie H.     1946 Nikkel, Pearl     1957 Wonosowich, Lorna. See Mascewski, Lorna
Gerrick, Julia L.     1052 Osborne, Milton S.     1931 Yalowski, Ray     Unknown
Giffin, Andrew     1989 Oscar, Art     1975 Yeomans, Mabel A.     1933
Golfman, Eleanore R.     1964 Osted, Hans     1969 Yerex, Elton     1962
Gordon, Kenneth     1970 Ostwald, Cora     1963 Young, Norman      Unknown
Gordon, Ruth     1965 Ostwald, Corry. See Ostwald, Cora Zebiere, Lori    2013
Gorny, Pauline     Unknown Overton, George     1931 Zender, Vernon     Unknown
Gosselin, Marcel     1982 Packer, Cliff. See Packer, W. Cliff      1989  
Gowan, Elsie     1974 Packer, W. Cliff  
Grandmaison, Nicholas de     1928 Palanuk, Garth  2007  
Gray, Claude W.     Unknown
Parfitt, Gilbert     1960
Grealish, Linda     1989
Parker, Betty    1949  
Greene, Ryland     1963 Parker, Jessie C.     1958  
Grymonpre, Jean     1936 Partridge, Fran   2000