Manitoba Society of Artists
6 May 2022 - 26 Aug 2022 “Tannins and Lignins – The Colours of Boreal - Solo Exhibition for James Dean Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: Venue: Sam Waller Museum, Fischer Avenue, The Pas, MB, Canada
“Tannins and Lignins – The Colours of Boreal

This collection of paintings attempts to capture the special places, unique moods, and stunning beauty the Boreal Forest entices us with as she welcomes us into her most secret dwelling places.

To appreciate the character of the Boreal Forest, we must acknowledge the little things; the building blocks of her personality, such as Tannins and Lignins. Take Tannins and Lignins, mix with an abundance of surface water, add a northern climate and time. Boreal sings her finest.”

"I wish to acknowledge that this Boreal land, abundant with muskeg, is the traditional home of the Swampy Cree (Muskego) people; a land they have belonged to for millennia." ~ James M Dean