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How are donations used?

One of the objectives of MSA is to celebrate outstanding Manitoba artists.  For 90 years, MSA has organized and sponsored the Manitoba Open Juried Competition and Exhibition for which All Manitoba artists are eligible.

Twelve awards in various categories are presented in special recognition. Several of these awards have been funded by families in memory of long-time MSA members, and we gratefully recognize the support from families of:

W. Cliff Packer, Brian J. Hyslop, Lynn Sissons, William J. Birtles, Barbara Cook Endres, Jean Wiens and Bev Morton/Wayne Arthur.

MSA also uses donations to support bursaries to art school or graphic arts programs at Brandon University and Red River College, and to engage speakers for the MSA Art Conference.

How to Donate: 

ONLINE payments are handled by bank E-transfer.  Instructions are on this link   E-transfer Instructions

Mail If you would prefer to mail your donation, please use the Contact Form to get in touch with us.

Please make sure your name and address are included in the comment area of your donation.

If you want your donation to go towards a specific Award (listed below), please write it in the comment area of your donation as well.  If you don't indicate an award, your donation will go to the General Fund, and support bursaries and programming.

Thank you, in advance for supporting us in fostering visual the artists in our province.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Form to get in touch with us.


Our Awards: 


BEV MORTON/WAYNE ARTHUR AWARD FOR MIXED MEDIA was established by the family of Bev Morton  in 2022 to honor the memory of Bev Morton and Wayne Arthur,  to assist artists as they develop careers and validate their artistic practice, just as artists Bev Morton and Wayne Arthur shared their own artistic vision for so many years via their gallery with the creatives of  Manitoba. 

Artist Wayne Arthur and wife Bev Morton opened the Wayne Arthur Sculpture & Craft Gallery in 1995. After Wayne passed away, Bev moved the gallery to Winnipeg and established the Wayne Arthur Gallery 2002 – 2021, in memory of her late husband.   Both Bev & Wayne were practicing visual artists, with Bev in textile art, and Wayne a sculptor.  

As practicing artists, Bev and Wayne valued a milieu that validated the creative process and knowing how very important that was, they established that milieu and kept it thriving for many years. Always on the lookout for new talent, Bev was a mentor to many young and emerging Manitoba artists. Through the Wayne Arthur Gallery, Bev curated exhibits for a roster of more than 150 Manitoba artists working in painting, print-making, mixed media, sculpture, pottery, jewellery, glass and photography. 



Established in 2021 by Cori Knight to honour her mother’s longtime commitment to the arts, and to encourage the participation of emerging artists in juried exhibits. this award  recognizes an outstanding 1st time entry selected by the jury for an award of excellence.



The William J. Birtles Award for Sculpture was established in 2017. Born and raised in Manitoba, Bill Birtles taught in northern and city schools in Manitoba, as well as in the U.K. He was always keen to promote the importance of art in the communities where he lived. Bill was an accomplished artist whose drawings, paintings and sculpture are in private and public collections in North America and UK. He took an active role in the Manitoba Society of Artists for many years and was a regular exhibitor at the Manitoba Open Juried Competition & Exhibition. To pay tribute to his life as an artist and art educator his family has established the William J. Birtles Award for Sculpture.



The Lynn Sissons Watercolour Award was established by her family to honour long-time MSA member, Lynn Sissons, who passed away in 1985. The award is selected by the juror to be given to a work deserving of merit that demonstrates and promotes a traditional use of the medium. Therefore, the award favours works that are more representational than experimental in nature.



The W. Cliff Packer Memorial Award was established in 2000 to honour and celebrate the life and work of Cliff Packer. The intent of the award is to pay homage to Cliff’s varied interests as an artist. The theme of the award is “for a work of art deserving of merit in the genre tradition”. Genre is a term used to describe paintings and other works of art that deal with an informal representation of everyday life. Genre is not limited to a particular medium, it pays particular attention to work involving the human figure, and tends to be representational rather than abstract in nature.



The Brian J. Hyslop Award for Pastel was established in 2006 to honour and celebrate the life of MSA Board member, Brian Hyslop. The intent of the pastel medium award is to encourage artists to demonstrate their skills with original work in pastels. Although Brian favoured landscapes, there is no jury advisory. It is their decision to choose the work of merit as they see fit.



The Barbara Cook Endres Award for First Place was named in 2012 to honour Manitoba artist and long-time MSA member, Barb Endres, who was an unflagging supporter of the visual arts. Barb joined MSA in 1947 and served in various executive positions continuously until her retirement in 2008. She was designated an honorary member in 2006. Upon her passing in 2010, she left a bequest to MSA, which allows a bursary to promising artist students. There is no stipulation attached to this award, it is therefore at the jurors’ discretion, The Best of Show.