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Solo show  at Piano Nobile by Manny Martins-Karman, MSA 

October 16 to December 13, 2021

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Most recent exhibit 2020. MSA Members Open Invitation January. 2021 to May 2021 



I have been incorporating grains that are grown in the prairies into the compositions, celebrating the importance of our Prairie agriculture.  These grains command a deep respect and encourage a reflection on life, nature and our connections to the land. The health of our agriculture is linked to the health of society.


Since emigrating from the Netherlands to Canada, art creation continues to be the tool that connects me to new environments, thoughts and emotions. The creative process was essential in dealing with a different culture and language that forced me to express myself visually. Consequently, my paintings and drawings reflect a particular introspective narrative that is often figurative and symbolic in nature.                                     

I strive to maintain an open mind that allows for unanticipated inspiration. For example, when I came to inherit a book containing black and white photographs by Karl Blossfeldt (1861-1932) his fascinating magnified images of plants and flowers inspired me to visualize them in a full-color spectrum using acrylic paint on canvas. The resulting series titled “The Blossfeldt Effect” acknowledges the German photographer who continues to inspire many artists across the globe, including myself.  The painting displayed in this online MSA exhibit is one of thirteen of the collection.                                                                                                                                            

In general, the medium that brings any of my chosen subjects to life vary. They include oil paint on recycled wood, acrylic on canvas, watercolour, pastel or graphite on paper as well as oil mono-prints on paper. Currently, I am experimenting with conceptual collage. My home-based studio is in the backwoods of the South Interlake region, a peaceful place of influence and introspection.


The search for happiness necessitates cultivating truth whether mundane or worldly.  Each of us is unique in our awareness of these things, and each of us travels our own journey to make sense of our world so that we can reach out for happiness. We are all aswirl in our own truths. 

In this exhibit of 8 paintings, I play with oil and wax using tension of line and colour to arrive at a visual depiction. 

  1. Never lose hope- Just before daybreak, the way appears before our eyes as a gift of discovery.  Nothing in the absolute has changed, the obstacles as well as the pathway have always been there, yet now we discern, so we can move with hope that we will arrive.  

  2. Cosmos – How the universe unfolds, what are the forces governing its creation and existence.  Recently the discovery of black holes, which is a mass so dense that it exerts a gravity pull that crushes everything’s no it absorbs.  It has also been posited that black holes may be a portal to other and coexisting realities. We consider life on other planets in other galaxies.  Carbon based may not be the only option in the universe…

  3. Goddess – To explain the tribal truth, gods with power and  personalities have reflected humanity’s perception of reality and truth. Goddess of them all represents another reality, a commentary on the economics required to perpetuate the status quo in order to maintain stability.  In every society, in every culture, the economics are particular and sometimes unique, but they always exist as currency in some form.  For example, the currency of common beliefs, language, customs, Law, religion.

  4. Whale, Watching – There are those that are in harmony and clear with their universe.  Notwithstanding, they recognize that theirs is not the only one.  They bear witness and share the burden of change, however inflicted…  and because they do not dominate the earth, they may be experiencing some anxiety.

  5. Making Earth – The cycle of renewal, birth, life, death and resurrection that ensures Perennial life.

  6. Mapping Territory- Coveting The generosity of the earth and others, a recipe for disaster.. Air earth fire and water are tamed but never owned.

  7. Blue vases- The need to decorate our reality, To squeeze some thing of our deepest desires. The earth outside is ever watchful.

  8. Late lunch – The rhythm of the day, anchored by the sharing of the bounty that is provided by an indulgent earth.

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My work is inspired by the prairie landscape. For years I thought my inspiration needed to come from places far from home. The prairies are often thought of as flat and boring. I have found by taking the time to observe the spectacular colours displayed by each season that my inspiration is endless.

A Walk to Remember depicts the colours and textures of Autumn and also a place to reflect on the journey we are on.




Manitoba Society of Artists at Piano Nobile Concert Hall

The Manitoba Society of Artists was established in 1902 originally as an organization to recognize the merits of Manitoba’s outstanding artists and to promote and encourage visual artists in Manitoba.  The development of northern/prairie art and artists, the fostering of an artistic milieu, the promotion of the value of art to the community, all these remain vital concerns of MSA today.

Today, the purpose of the Society is to promote and encourage Manitoba’s emerging and professional visual artists. Members of the Society sponsor bursaries for student artists at Brandon university and red river college, exhibit together, enjoy social events and participate in educational ventures, such as lectures, slide presentations and workshops.  For 88 years the MSA has sponsored the Open Juried Competition and Exhibit, an exhibit for which all Manitobans over 16 are eligible.

Although the specifics of membership have changed over the years, members have always been chosen by a jury and needed to be practicing Manitoban artists.  Currently, MSA retains an active membership of 100 artists from diverse backgrounds and training.